Opening Show – July 1st 2015 – B.E.M. Feux d’artifice

A wet and windy Canada Day holiday gave way to a cool and breezy evening, with winds coming directly at the audience. As this display was not in competition, it’s not really fair to review it in the same way as the competing displays.

I was surprised that the promised 102mm artillery cannons did not make an appearance – apparently this was due to a confusion about when they would be fired – they were actually shot at 4:30 in the afternoon, which makes some sense as the audience would be able to see them.

During the interview we were told the display would be simple and classic, and that’s exactly what we got. It’s a bit unusual to have only five positions on ramp 3, but it worked out OK. It never felt like a small show and the sky was always well filled with some good quality products. The design was a bit repetitious, and it was a shame no nauticals were used, given the theme (Canada does have a navy, after all), but the display was cleanly fired and enjoyed by the audience, though small in number due to the weather. The soundtrack was enjoyable and very well played by the orchestra of the Royal 22nd Regiment, though whoever put it together is probably not too familiar with how to edit appropriately for a pyromusical. That said, all the pieces were very enjoyable and represented a good range of rhythm and intensity.

Much better weather is promised for the start of the competition proper, with incumbent Jubilee Fireworks shooting for England this coming Saturday.

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