Interiew with Team Panda Fireworks

I was unable to directly interview the team but, thanks to Mylène Salvas and Simon Turcotte-Langevin, here is some information.

The show designer, Gang Huang, is using a lot of one-shot effects – with 180 FM-16 firing modules dedicated to these alone. In total, there will be 400 FM-16 modules used with 4 field controllers and one backup controller.

There will be 3 animated set-pieces with motors and various pyrotechnic effects attached to them to represent Kung-Fu moves – they will be 10′ high and parked all the way back to ramp 3.

This is team Panda’s first appearance in Montreal, their previous claim to fame being the staging of the Beijing Olympics fireworks at the Bird’s Nest stadium.

Gang Huang, show designer

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