Interview with Team Flash Barandov

Many thanks to Mylène Salvas for conducting the interview on my behalf.

The company was founded in 1934 as Barrandov film studios and, since then, Flash Barrandov SFX has specialized in special effects. It was with the formation of the Czech Republic that the company has added fireworks to its portfolio.

The company still participates in making special effects for several feature films from around the world. Such films as Mission Impossible (USA) in 1995, La Vie en Rose (FR) in 2008, through Hitler (CAN) in 2003, the achievements of this firm are many movies + series + TV commercials. Their reputation is well established in regard to this aspect. But what about the fireworks?

Impressed with the Montreal competition after his first visit to Montreal in 1995, Jaroslav Stolba returned home and created, with some partners, a fireworks competition in his country. He also won five prizes since its inception. His company is involved in several international competitions and won the audience award in Portugal in 2006, the 2nd prize in Hannover in the same year, the Grand Prize at Cannes in 2008 and the Audience Award.

While the firm used a manual firing system for their first appearance in 2005, this time they are using 32 Galaxis modules of 100 cues each, for a total of 3200. Using products from such manufacturers as Vaccalluzzo (Italy), Ricardo Caballer (Spain), Grupo Luso (Portugal) as well as some German and Chinese material, the display promises to be of a high quality.

It is not the story of the opera Lakmé that will be told this Saturday, as the title might indicate. Indeed, one piece, Flower Duet, is taken from the opera that literally charmed the designer, but was mainly inspired by the show. Many classical pieces will compose the soundtrack with the symphony orchestras of London, Chicago, Paris and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Czech Republic who will present the great Beethoven piece, the Ode to Joy, as the finalé.

Finally, the designer’s trademark – a rainbow in the sky will be presented to the music of Ravi Shankar.

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