Atlas Pyrovision Productions Soundtrack

Pyro Fantasia – A pyrotechnic symphony inspired by this Disney classic

  1. Toccata: David Garrett
  2. Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Trevor Rabin
  3. Nutrocker: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  4. Carnival of the Animals: Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  5. Night on the Bare Mountain: Modest Mussorgsky
  6. The 5th: David Garrett
  7. Selections from the Firebird suite: San Francisco symphony & Michael Tilson Thomas
  8. Summer: David Garrett
  9. Nothing Else Matters: David Garrett
  10. Thunderstruck: David Garrett

English version of the narration:
“Welcome to the enchanted story of an apprentice wizard who yearns to one day master the ability to create a symphony of light and sound…but first this young apprentice must battle the fears of good and evil within his young mind. This journey will begin with bolts of lightning and sounds of thunder until he learns to tame his thoughts of conducting the clouds in a magical dance. As the skies darken into the night the young wizard must challenge his fears and to conquer his ascent to the top of Thunder Mountain…only then will this young apprentice face his fear of capturing this magical moment that happens only but once, in every 28 years. At that very moment as the clouds dance, the thunder strikes, is there a symphony of light and music never seen or heard like any other place in time…Nothing Else Matters…this is the moment of being Thunderstruck and the tale of Pyro Fantasia…begins…”

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