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Posted: Jul 13, 2011 19:24:12

Hi guys,

Please post your reviews of the Italian display here. Winds have unfavorably been coming out from the WSW to WNW over the last several hours ever since the thunderstorms passed through - such tendencies would push the smoke towards the audience of La Ronde. However, I am still expecting the winds to transition to the forecasted NNW by the evening (this is currently the wind behavior around the island) - I'm just keeping my fingers crossed on that, or else you folks at La Ronde will have my head!

Looking forward to tonight.


Posted: Jul 13, 2011 23:51:21

Wow. Quel spectacle! Je suis arrivé à la maison avec les yeux encore pétillants. Ce soir, ça valait la peine de se déplacer pour aller voir un tel spectacle, même si c'est mercredi soir et que le travail nous attend demain matin.

Le thème "Anges et démons" m'a tout simplement ravi, ainsi que la trame musicale. La partie "Démon" m'a encore plus transporté et à partir de 22:17 et ce jusqu'à la toute fin, j'avais les yeux rivés sur ce spectacle grandiose qui s'intensifiait. J'avais même l'impression que certaines coquilles étaient projetées en l'air de façon sournoise, respectant bien le thème en faisant sentir le "mal" comme omniprésent!

La finale fût tout à fait époustouflante avec beaucoup de "salutes". Je doute qu'une autre firme puisse m'épater autant d'ici la fin de la compétition....mais j'ose espérer qu'une le fasse (ce serait très surprenant)!

Bravo à l'Italie....personnellement, je vous place au premier rang pour un Jupiter d'Or!


Posted: Jul 14, 2011 00:23:04


More tomorrow.

Trav, the wind was perfect for those at La Ronde, not so much for the people on the bridge.


Posted: Jul 14, 2011 01:08:35   Edited by: Smoke

I must echo the previous comments: Wow. I was, and still am, absolutely stunned by this display. Excellent choreography, a beautifully represented theme, high product quality, a diverse set of effects (including those nautical shells) and color, enjoyable/emotional music, deafening periods, and a powerful finale. Lots to like.

Paul, I am delighted to see that the weather adhered closely to the forecast for the evening, especially with respect to the wind. The winds did, in fact, shift to the NNW around dusk and remained that way for the duration of the evening, allowing the smoke to pass gently to the left of the audience at La Ronde, although hampering those on the bridge just adjacent to the firing site (that is why I had added that caution in the forecast for those on the bridge).

I had a fantastic night, and I do have plenty of good things to write later today about this nicely crafted performance. Let me just say that Italy is easily my number one choice, for now. Good job, Italy! Pierre, I am sure that you loved that finale.


Posted: Jul 14, 2011 01:38:05

I could not ask a better show for my 150th on-site display! That was a fabulous performance from the Italian team! A serious contender for a Jupiter, for sure! I'll write more comments later but like other people, I felt the need to share my view with this short post tonight.


Posted: Jul 14, 2011 02:12:20

Here is my video of the final minutes of the Italian display (taken from Notre-Dame/De Lorimer):

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8jKcul0sY4&lc=1I5MATPDbr7jpfuM5kj1KQwN yeYLW1SwAc64CfIJpKY&feature=inbox

Just listen to that noise.


Posted: Jul 14, 2011 10:41:13

Bob's video is now up at http://burchcom.com/2011/index.html

WOW again! The last 13 minutes are like one continuous finale!


Posted: Jul 14, 2011 14:06:04

My review is here: http://montreal-fireworks.com/ReportBlog/?p=412

Definitely the one to beat this year. I feel the competition has finally been ignited and that we're in for an exciting two weeks to battle it out for the podium. Hard to see how Morsani cannot but win a Jupiter.


Posted: Jul 14, 2011 15:57:39

That was a really great show from Pirotecnia Morsani! I have to agree with everyone else that it was a very well crafted display... their show reminds me of how pains employed their theme in 2007.

The quality of materials that they used seemed to have improved compared to their first showing in Montreal and that's probably because this time they have chosen to stick to what they do best (cylindrical shells) and left the spherical ones to yung feng One effect that i thought was really good was their charcoal willow to white photoflashes with white strobes core. It's the first time i have seen a shell like that and it looked like it was really made just for their show. It is also very surprising how much more accuracy the timings of their roman candles had. It is surprising how morsani tried to use the lake to its fullest which would give them high marks on the overall pyrotechnic design. Their multibreak shells were all very well timed too!

Their songs flowed really well but one criticism that i could think of is that they have used a bit too much cliche songs such as conquest of the paradise, adiemus, o fortuna, now we are free, and ode to joy but this is a minor criticism which doesn't really affect how i look at their show. Their synchronization was really well done although most of their shells were also chained similar to that of pyro 2000's, the timing of their chains were more suited to the music. The design of the show was created cleverly which in result would make people remember it as a really strong show and thus the stronger latter half of the show. The one shot sequences were all done to good taste and it seemed that most of the patterns were original.

Their finale was a perfect italian finale, the intensity just got higher and higher which is what italian finales are supposed to be I'd say that it would be hard to beat this display but there are still a few other great firms presenting their displays! I can't wait for what howard and sons have came up with for there third participation in montreal

Here's my grading for Pirotecnia Morsani:
Effects: 10/10
Synchronization: 9.5/10
Music: 9.5/10
Technical Design: 9/10
Pyrotechnical/pyromusical Design: 10/10
overall: 48/50 (96%)

1. Italy - Pirotecnia Morsani
2. Czech Republic - Flash Barrandov
3. China - Panda Fireworks
4. England - Pyro 2000


Posted: Jul 14, 2011 16:31:48

The quality of materials that they used seemed to have improved compared to their first showing in Montreal and that's probably because this time they have chosen to stick to what they do best (cylindrical shells) and left the spherical ones to yung feng One effect that i thought was really good was their charcoal willow to white photoflashes with white strobes core. It's the first time i have seen a shell like that and it looked like it was really made just for their show.

My understanding from the interview (which wasn't easy as the main pyros from Morsani only speak Italian) is that all the shells were made by Morsani, so I don't think there were any Yung Feng at all. Largest calibre was 250mm and they did note the special willow shells they would be using. My understanding was that the 20% of product they didn't manufacture was things like the many cakes they used, including the nautical cakes. The big candles were definitely Morsani, though I did see a few blue tubes there so maybe some of the smaller ones were Panzera.

Some of the musical tracks may have been a bit cliched, but they weren't used in a cliched way - Carmina Burana is much more likely to be a finale piece than part-way through a display.

They will be hard to beat - but we do have some very strong contenders coming up.


Posted: Jul 14, 2011 16:51:32

ooh i thought i saw a few shells from yung feng (very little) such as the blue shells with double crackling cores (around 14 minutes of bob's video ). I really liked the new willows they used the change to photoflashes were unexpected

Much luck to the remaining contenders


Posted: Jul 14, 2011 17:27:32

The second display performed by Pirotecnia Morsani was excellent, thus actually starting the race to the Jupiter of the 2011 competition. In 2008, this Italian entrant did a very good show, but it lacked of low-level and nautical effects, and there was too much repetitions through the display. These problems are not uncommon from recruits and can be fixed. From Mylène and Paul interviews, early this week, my expectations grew as it appeared that the Italian team actually learnt from its first experience. All my wishes were fulfilled! And when I saw, from the Giant Wheel, all these lake-oriented mortars along the third ramp, it was very clear that fans of nautical effects like me were going to be delighted!

The style of the show was classic, with a light theme emphasized by some narratives (always with pyrotechnic effects to avoid any dark moments) and the music choice. That was enough to provide the glue to this 31-minute show. As Vander wrote, the soundtrack was conservative, made of musics often heard in fireworks, but with some interesting differences. For instance, Carl Orff’s « O Fortuna » is usually chosen for a finale; Morsani decided to insert it at the 19th minute of the show. It was immediately augmented by another intense musical segment which ended Grupo Luso Pirotecnia’s display in 2008 (also authored by C. Orff according to this year official music listing provided on the competition website, but listed as a Craig Armstrong’s music in 2008, so I am not sure). The soundtrack was also flawless, without any interruption between most segments. Its editing was tighter for the second half of the show: it began with some full pieces (i.e.: Conquest of Paradise), then we mostly heard shorter segments, thus increasing the pace of the show. (Following the official music listing available on the competition website, I note there were only three musical pieces for the first 13 minutes of the show, then seven pieces for the remaining 18 minutes.)

An outstanding component of the extravaganza was the effective use of all available space, especially the water surface. Nautical effects were launched through the display. In addition to the usual nautical flares, strobes and shells, we had an opportunity to enjoy rarer effects, like nautical mines (including great nautical mines of tourbillons during Adiemus) and other devices which remain on the water for a short time, than rise and finally burst above the water. Even the finale was made of some nautical shells, which added to the already filled sky, with fireworks at all levels. Such saturation happened many times through the display. Carl Orff’s musics aforementioned were at the heart of an awesome part of the show, which was not the finale, but led me to wonder how the finale could be more even more intense. As I thought the rhythm would become more quiet once a given music finished, the tempo stayed very strong, again and again, causing me to strike the ground with my feets and to knock one hand with the other, as the beat of the show did not stop to remain very intense.

The difference between the quality of pyrotechnic material used in the Italian display and the previous one was obvious. Colours were much more vivid (I was impressed by some yellow and orange effects), shapes were clean-cut… And many multi-break shells helped to quickly fill the sky.

Is it possible for another contestant to do a better show? Sure. More note-synchronized segments, more original music choices or pyrotechnic design, or some special effects would help to get higher scores than the Italian team. Moreover, the start of the show was anti-climactic: a line of strobes lit up along the third ramp and that was the only pyrotechnic effect for one minute, as the narrative explained the theme of the show. I also noted a difference between the narrative, which stated « …nous avons décidé de créer un spectacle intitulé Épic… », and the actual title of the display, « Anges et démons ». Furthermore, in the same way than the soundtrack seemed to be edited less carefully for about the first half of the show, I would say that the pyrotechnic design was much more basic during the initial segments, with many sequences of candles and repetitive shells, which brought me to think about an exhibit-style of display. I think that most viewers forgot this aspect of the show due to fabulous performance which came right after (I have to admit that it was only when I watched the show on the video that I remembered these things).

In conclusion, Pirotecnia Morsani did an excellent show and has good chance to be on the podium. But there are four other contestants to come! So far, my personal ranking is:

1. Italy
2. China
3. Czech Republic
4. England

That was the 150th 30-minute display I experienced from La Ronde site (one in 1994, one in 1995 and all since 1996). So special thanks to the Italian team which met my expectations and contributed to make this special night a great one!


Posted: Jul 14, 2011 20:39:47

Forza Italia!

I must say this was an extremely exciting display to witness this year. Full of large caliber shells, including some awesome shell of shells (one of my favorites hehe) with extremely nice colors. I have to rate their material as being first rate, truly awesome stuff. The finale, choice of music, timing, pacing, and theme were all very well executed. There were some repetitions of shells, but not too much to cause negative points. The finale was completely out of control, so much so that a small fire started in the trees next to ramp 1

Overall, a 9/10 for the Morsani team, truly well deserved. This is for sure the one to beat so far. Wishing them all the best.


Posted: Jul 15, 2011 02:33:40   Edited by: Smoke

Weather adhered closely to the forecasted conditions, providing an ideal atmospheric setup for the highly anticipated Italian display, with mostly clear skies, accompanied by a few scattered clusters of cumulus clouds. Isolated convective showers and thunderstorms developed during the afternoon period because of an upper level disturbance, raising humidity levels to high standards later in the afternoon once the sun appeared and evaporated the wet surface following the rains. Humidity, however, returned to borderline low-moderate levels for the evening, and the winds were light and out from the NNW, pushing the smoke gently to the left of the audience of La Ronde, although those on the bridge just adjacent to the firing site were affected, and viewing conditions for those at the Old Port may have also been influenced to some extent.

Along with the mostly ideal weather came a terrific fireworks display put on by team Italy (Pirotecnia Morsani SRL). It is difficult to accurately express as to how stunning this performance was in its entirety - the display had been so captivating that for spectators who viewed it around me appeared to have lost themselves in it at multiple points, or it seemed as if they had drifted into another time and place as they became enmeshed throughout various segments. Really, the Italian display was truly a masterpiece that merits much attention, for it commanded feelings of honor, prestige, excitement, fear, recognition, and inspiration, all of which came to realization as the show unfolded.

The performance offered a myriad of excellent effects and color choices, all well suited to match not only key signatures in the various soundtrack employed but also in the context of an emotional atmosphere. I found that many of the effects appeared at the most appropriate moments to represent the subtleties and intricacies of each musical selection, and this connection demonstrated the emotions effectively. The product quality was apparent, particularly most noticeable with the delicate symmetrical appearances of the variety of shells and low-mid level effects, as well as how vivid and rich the colors had emerged. The interplay between all levels of sky, in addition to the mixtures between the effects and colors themselves, was totally mesmerizing, especially with the combination of the shell of shells and multi breaks, frequently augmented by massive, chest-thumping 12”shells. The shell of shells, red photoflashes, farfalles and salutes, were all abundant in this display, as most would have expected from Italy! Those lightning-like flashes at low level, at one point, took many spectators by surprise, even for those on Notre-Dame, despite us being stationed at some distance from the firing site - I don’t believe I’ve encountered such bright flashes in a show previously!

I was particularly fond of the overall design of this display, as it was very complex. The Italians made excellent use of the site from the left to right and right to left, and it almost always seemed that high and low levels were working hand in hand with each other - the support was simply phenomenal. It was really a delightful feeling to finally see some exquisite nautical effects, namely the large nautical shells. I also thought that the nautical flares and fountains were nicely implemented when present. The firing angles were diverse and made for, at times, some interesting attempts at synchronization. This display featured the widest left-right extent, so far, but the symmetry was scarcely ever lost, in spite of this - in the past, I’ve seen very wide displays sometimes challenged in maintaining symmetry from various firing angles, but Italy did a fabulous job keeping things in proportion, so kudos to them for this. Synchronization itself was very creative, especially through the sequences of nautical shells, comets, strobes and mines.

The design of the display was also well enforced by the theme. After reading through the information that Paul gathered from his interview, I had a strong feeling that the theme would be very well organized and represented, but the manner in which Pirotecnia Morsani approached the thematic framework added so much more substance and depth to the overall conceptual design. Much like England’s “Day & Night” in 2007, Italy took on a very similar attempt at portraying their “Angels and Demons” theme, except with a somewhat more convincing tone. At the end, I found that the display had more than faithfully delivered the emotional distinctions and transitions that I had previously been envisioning. The first half of the show interestingly represented the “angels” component in a quaint, peaceful and delicate manner, each segment flowing nicely from one to the other. Most of the next half was focused on evil, and some of the soundtrack used provided that nefarious feeling at certain points, bringing out the dark, vindictive and vile nature of demons. Following the latter section, I felt those feelings of justice, courage, determination, and, most of all, hope, being effectively conveyed towards the final few minutes through both the soundtrack, “Now We Are Free” and the final track used for the conclusion, illustrating the battle between good and evil, and good being victorious over evil at the very end.

It is quite a challenge to formulate major criticisms for this display, but the only few minor aspects that I could point out is that perhaps there was a little repetition in terms of use of certain effects, as well as with respect to the firing pattern at one or two points (one instance being during the Vangelis segment). The narration at the beginning was a little too elongated for my tastes, which generated a slight feeling of an anti-climax (as Fred also noted), but the rest of the narration heard in between the display was reasonable in length and did not interfere with the fluidity of the show. Finally, there was also one brief moment of silence not long after the beginning, but I am not sure if that was intentional. Again, these are minor points and do absolutely very little to offset the true pyromusical art that this display brought forward. The transitions, even though a little abrupt, at times, flowed beautifully from one segment to the other, and the each of the songs were arranged effectively and, of course, were all relevant and enjoyable. The overall product quality was fantastic, and the richness in colors, as well as the diversity of effects, really complemented the musical selections in many ways. Choreography was magnificent - at many points, it literally felt like the fireworks were dancing with some of the sequences! The finale, although not quite to the same level of intensity as Italy 2004, was easily one of the best that I’ve come across since 2004, especially considering that, as some of you have pointed out already, much of the second half of the display was so active. The finale flowed well with the music, and the way the sky had filled with volley after volley of massive shells and deafening salutes, along with large nautical shells at ground level, really made the world feel like it was coming to a close! Thank you, Italy, for this wonderful conclusion to an overall powerful, exciting and convincing display. Definitely a display that is a contender for a Jupiter this year.

Needless to say that this display did provide some nostalgia for myself, as a few of the music choices were also used from a few displays in 2003, the year that many of us first joined joined this forum. Vangelis’s “Conquest of Paradise” was used during Argentina’s performance in 2003, and “Adiemus” was heard during Italy 2003. We also heard the soundtrack that Portugal used for their finale in 2008. There were also a few familiar songs in between that I’ve heard in the past - this made the whole display all so much more enjoyable.

Italy is most certainly my number one choice at this point, and while I do agree that it will be difficult to surpass, there are some potentially strong performances that are still due to present! I find it appropriate, though, that the first Wednesday display since 2008 should be so successful.


Posted: Jul 15, 2011 10:42:48

Salut pyromaniaques

Wow!Wow!...une performance grandiose de grande qualité par cette firme Italienne..je rejoins Salutes Lover dans ses commentaires. 30 minutes de pure délices pyrotechniques.
Ce grand spectacle mené de main de maître comportait selon moi toutes les qualités d'un feu qui pourrait se mériter les grands honneurs.
Mon intérêt pour Anges et démons a été maintenu pendant 30 minutes me faisant voyager d'une émotion à l'autre , d'une surprise à l'autre .
Ces concepteurs se sont aussi surpassés par le côté artistique de leurs tableaux avec une mise en scène vraiment originale ,créative,dynamique , imaginative et une intensité dramatique réglée au quart de tour.
J'ai bien aimé ce thème Ange et démons et il a été développé de facon créative ,originale tant au niveau du choix des pièces musicales et pyrotechniques . Ces artificiers ont utilisé toutes les possibilités du site sans le saturer .A cela il faut ajouter de très bonnes transitions, un choix musical excellent et bien ordonné dans l'évolution du spectacle et une synchronisation très efficace.Dans la deuxième partie du spectacle j'avais l'impression d'aller d'une finale à l'autre ...et la finale genre italienne..super..
Bref une prestation qui a touché l'ancien juge au coeur. Amenez-en d'autres comme cela..

Mon classement

1- Italie
2- Chine
3- Angleterre
4-République Tchèque.

Posted: Jul 19, 2011 01:10:21

Wow! Great performance by the Italian team.

Again, this time I was situated on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge to watch the show, which at some point, because of the direction of the wind, was a bit dangerous since the debris of the explosions were falling on us. Anyways, this only made us feel more intensely the power of the Italian spectacle.

The beginning was not my favorite part (and with the missed countdown), it felt a bit inappropriate. I would say that for that first part, I could have seen that show some years back: the display was very conventional, with no real exciting moment. It was a basically a laborious start but surely the Italian came back stronger to continue the show which offered a great musical selection and a superb pyrotechnical display. It seems to me that from the 13th minute and on, the show rise to a higher level that made the Italians earn their laurels by showing what they were capable of.

By choosing music that told a story and by making beautiful transitions, it made the show gain a magical quality that, as a viewer, I’m looking for:
- Great use of space (low and high explosions, with a wide range).
- Good synchronization.
- Good understanding of musical tension reflected in the display.
- Interesting choice of colors that made the fireworks looks as a visual poetry.

What was amazing, was the relentless dynamic energy of the show for the last 12 minutes; it was breathtaking. They kept the intensity without loosing the momentum and that made the show a very good contender for the first position this year, so far.

Good job Italian friends,



Posted: Jul 19, 2011 15:19:50

Again, this time I was situated on the Jacques-Cartier Bridge to watch the show, which at some point, because of the direction of the wind, was a bit dangerous since the debris of the explosions were falling on us.

I had a feeling that those who were stationed on the bridge just adjacent to the firing site during Italy's display would, at times, encounter smoke or falling debris from the fireworks (I briefly mentioned this beforehand in the forecast at the time, just in case). However, seeing that it added to the vehemence of this display for you, that is all the better for the experience, right?

Wind speeds may become an issue for the American display, but I am going to verify this in the later model runs. Evening speeds diminish, but it will still be fairly windy, regardless. More details later tonight.


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