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Posted: Aug 6, 2017 03:03:24   Edited by: fredbastien

As part of the award ceremony tonight, La Ronde has announced that it is going to hold a fireworks show on Sunday, September 3rd, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the park. Tickets will be available the day of the event.

In contrast with previous Labor Day weekend special fireworks shows, it is reported that this one will NOT be made only with the remaining pyrotechnic pieces, but also with additional stuff. It should also last about 20 minutes, instead of 10 minutes or so. These reasons might explain why tickets will be sold for this event.


Posted: Aug 15, 2017 08:53:13

The details are now available.

The display will take place at 8:45 PM.

"Save over 30% when you buy your reserved seats through Tuango for just 41$ plus tax. You can also buy your tickets at the park the day of the event. After the dazzling visual display, stick around to dance to today’s hottest hits with a live DJ at Fort Edmonton, presented by The Beat 92.5."

So we don't know how much it will be at the park the day of the event...

Posted: Aug 23, 2017 12:41:31

Salut tout le monde

Afin de célébrer les 50 ans de la Ronde, Six Flags va présenter un feu d'artifice spécial afin de souligner cet anniversaire.
Pour l'occasion , des billets seront en vente via Tuango pour y assister dans les estrades . Ce gros "SPECIAL" à 47$ permettra aussi aux détenteurs de billets de faire des manèges pendant toute la journée.

Je voudrais exprimer à ces Messieurs et dames de 6 flags que cette longévité de la Ronde , c'est grâce à tous ces gens, toutes ces familles qui ont fréquenté +++ le site depuis 50 ans.

Il aurait été plus que NORMAL afin de les REMERCIER de décréter que l'admission à la RONDE serait gratuite pour TOUS ainsi que le feu d'artifice. Un peu beaucoup indécente qui témoigne quasiment selon moi d'un manque de RESPECT pour leur fidèle clientèle.

Je n'irai certainement pas les encourager le 3 septembre mais comme je suis un fan fini de l'Art pyrotechnique , je le verrez de la Rive-Sud.

Je crois bien que je ne suis pas le seul à penser de cette façon.

Bonne fin de journée à tous les membres.


p.s J'ai vu la plupart des feux présentés dans le cadre de l'International des feux Loto Québec dont 3 de la Ronde. Pour ma part j'estime que ce fut une année de performances "ordinaires".
De plus on devrait ajouter au moins une firme de plus dans la compétition.

Posted: Aug 24, 2017 23:26:34

Interesting update on La Ronde's website regarding the Sunday, September 3rd fireworks.
https://www.laronde.com/fr/larondefr/special-events/feu-dartifice-pour -les-50-ans-de-la-ronde

The bridge will be open; however, cars will be traveling at a reduced speed.

Posted: Sep 1, 2017 09:27:22   Edited by: fredbastien

One more update. This show has initially been advertized as an in-house production: "Créé et chorégraphié par notre directeur technique, M. Paul Csukassy, cette performance pyrotechnique de 20 minutes aura lieu le dimanche 3 septembre à 20h45."

It seems that La Ronde has required some external support to setup this anniversary production. The website now states that Éric Cardinal (GFA) is the designer of the show, based on a soundtrack crafted by La Ronde Paul Csukassy: "Créé et chorégraphié par M. Éric Cardinal de la firme GFA PYRO, cette performance pyrotechnique de 20 minutes, accompagnée d'une trame sonore montée par notre directeur technique, M. Paul Csukassy, aura lieu le dimanche 3 septembre à 20h45."


Posted: Sep 1, 2017 13:59:27

More details are progressively released on La Ronde website about this event. It is now specified that seat tickets will be sold $10 inside the park (park admission not included). The booth is the same than the one used on other fireworks nights, between the Arcade and the Bronze section.


Posted: Sep 4, 2017 13:14:30   Edited by: fredbastien

The 50th anniversary special fireworks show on Sunday, September 3, has been held in front of the smallest audience I have ever seen at La Ronde. The weather was colder than normal and the rain has been almost uninterrupted from the morning to the mid-evening. A light rain did persist at the beginning of this 20-minute show. That was really unfortunate as this Labor Day weekend has begun with a sunny day and I was told that a large crowd had visited the park on Saturday.

On Sunday, the amusement park midway was almost empty when I arrived around 7pm. I went to the ticket booth located between the Arcade and the Bronze section to buy my $15 ticket for a seat in the grandstands. I was told that only 20 tickets had been sold since the beginning of the day at that booth. I don't know if the figure was an exaggeration or not, but the in-park audience had no more than a few hundreds people, for sure. I would estimate the size of the audience in the grandstands between 100 and 200 viewers. The sound coming from the speakers and the fireworks resonated in a different way owing to the almost empty grandstands.

Initially advertised as a La Ronde in-house production, it was later announced on the park website that GFA designer Éric Cardinal was in charge of the pyrotechnic design. He had also designed this year closing display. Similarly, this bonus fireworks show was largely based on shell effects. The setup covered ramps 1, 2, 3 and 4, including a volley of nautical flares. The soundtrack has been crafted by competition technical director, Paul Csukassy. I was wondering to what extent the 50th anniversary of La Ronde would be the actual theme of this display, it was not very clear from the available information.

Following the countdown synchronized with the extinction of the ferris wheel (but not the Jacques-Cartier bridge lights), the show began, in respect with the 50th anniversary idea, on the music of Expo 67 song, "Un jour un jour" by local singer Michèle Richard. A barrage of whistlers was fired, with comets synchronized on the rhythmic opening words. Blue (a signature colour of Expo 67) stars then appeared from various shells (some of them having a mushroom shape) and cakes on ramp 3. Warmer colours later evoked the "couleurs de l'été" from the song. This good opening segment ended with a return of whistlers and blue stars.

Then, the Expo 67/La Ronde theme was lost as subsequent musics were more current summer-style popular musics, like this year popular song Despacito. It also featured 33 tours, the only French-language song of that soundtrack. I was surprised and disappointed to not hear the emblematic song Emmène-nous à La Ronde. It might have been a good idea to communicate more with the audience about the theme of the show in order to highlight the storyline - if any - behind it. Some transitions between segments were somewhat disruptive, for instance a long interruption around the 8th minute caused me to wonder whether a technical problem had occurred.

The arsenal did include a good range of shells of various effects, including many crackling, pistils, and changing-colour effects. The low-level effects comprised some flares (including nautical ones), comets and cakes of stars. They were often synchronized with components of the soundtrack and the beat followed the musics pretty well. However, the design was not highly sophisticated or detail-oriented.

As I mentioned early, the Jacques-Cartier bridge lighting system was not turned off during the show. The 20-minute display began at 8:45pm. At 9pm, the hourly lighting patterns of the bridge came into life and it caused some distractions. Actually, two separate shows were going on at the same time. The rain did stop approximately at the same time, and the show came to a close with an increasing pace, leading to the largest shell of the night and some salutes, followed with brief applauses from the small audience.

It is a great idea to bring back these Labor Day Weekend fireworks shows, a "tradition" introduced in 1999, which has been lost between 2005 and 2015. Also, in contrast with previous Labor Day shows, this one was not based on the unused material from the competition entrants. Additional budget was apparently available, so the show could last 20 minutes (instead of 10 minutes or so) and it had a very good density. But it was a shame to not hold this event in better weather conditions and, more important, in front of a decent audience.


Posted: Sep 4, 2017 14:26:36

On a typical non-fireworks day, they would have closed the park with that number of people, but I guess they kept it open for the fireworks display. It was strange seeing it so empty. A decent amount of rides were still open though. Really poor weather conditions, but the display was pretty good.

Posted: Sep 4, 2017 15:19:47

The primary reason for the terrible weather conditions yesterday (September 3rd) was that the remnants of Harvey were moving into the region, as outlined in my latest weather posting. This system merged with a New England area of low pressure, which together produced a fairly large amount of rain while keeping temperatures very suppressed.

This is one of the reasons why I am not particularly fond of more active Atlantic tropical cyclone periods, and they do not usually signal good news for the upcoming Winter (in an indirect sense), unless, of course, one enjoys the Winter season!


Posted: Sep 4, 2017 23:25:35   Edited by: ryguy2008

Definitely a very small turnout... However, a nice show none the less. As Fred pointed out, it's too bad that the music was focused only on "popular" songs.

I think most of the crowd were fireworks regulars, former jury members or friends of La Ronde.

Now, the wait begins for next year!

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