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Posted: Jun 13, 2004 09:15:55   Edited by: fireworksforum

My report is up now. This was a very interesting and innovative display due to the integration of performances by Circus Orange. However, for people not on site at La Ronde, I can imagine they would have thought that there were times when not much was happening since the Circus Orange performances only used low-level effects.

I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Circus Orange in Quebec following their debut last night - for those present in the audience, it was certainly a thrilling spectacle. I met Tom Comet after the display and feel that we're privileged to have him as a member of our forum. I'm sure Tom will tell us more about how much effort and preparation went into last night's performances.

The display itself covered the history of the competition and was well executed and integrated with the live performances - not an easy task. Eric Cardinal is to be congratulated for conceiving such an original work for the opening evening.

For me, it was good practice to get back into writing reports since it will be very intense this year! This is why the announcement was made that there will only be one prize this year - the Platinum Jupiter.


Posted: Jun 13, 2004 18:48:43   Edited by: Smoke

Yes, you're right, Paul.

You guys at La Ronde were the lucky ones. At Notre-Dame and De Lorimier, everyone looked extremely dissapointed and bored! It was so boring for many people that individuals on the bridge tried getting attention and exciting everyone by using lots of firecrackers! My aunt said that there's nothing going on, but I knew about the Circus Orange doing their performance and I knew that's why we were left in the dark for a while, at times. I felt kind of bad that we didn't go to La Ronde because I REALLY wanted to see the performance. I also knew that my family would be dissapointed, because they did not want to go to La Ronde.

In all, I wasn't that bored because I actually had a good time guessing when Tom Comet was presenting. I do know that it was a unique opening and the fact that it was interesting, but I could tell that a lot of people were dissapointed, where we are. As you say, you have to be at La Ronde to see it all! However the majority of people stand where I am, I think. Anyways, I'm also proud to have Tom Comet as a member of this forum, it's a real honour! Tom, I have a good idea of how much work you put into your perfromance! I'm sure everyone enjoyed your display! However, I didn't get to see it, sorry!

It really makes no difference to me. Next week is PIROTECHNIA IGUAL, to get things started. I'm sure that they'll begin the competition with a bang and do an outstanding display, like in 2001. This is the firm I've been waiting to see again since that day, 3 years ago. Spain all the way! I'm a big Spanish fireworks fan! They will definitely ignite the competition!

You're also right about the competition being intense because of the situation of there only being one Jupiter this year!

As a final note, I have no objections and criticisms to the display being boring, in my own personal opinion. A lot of people were not aware of the performance by Circus Orange, let alone other surprises, that we couldn't see! I also know that it was far better, from a viewing perspective, at La Ronde. So people there benefited the most. It's sad to say that many people missed out on such a unique event that represents the history of the competition and the fact that they missed out on, what was really, an excellent opening. I also feel bad that people thought it was boring, but it really wasn't.

As for the finale, it was a little less than I expected, but wasn't bad at all for the opening. So, I enjoyed it, none the less! A note about the soundtrack used, I could've sworn that I heard one of the same songs that was used for an early segment in Italy's display last year! I'm sure it is! This is not a criticism, though.

Paul, I can also conclude that there's bound to be dissapointment this year because we may actually feel that everyone deserves this prestigious and unique prize, the platinum Jupiter. Maybe more than last year's competition because it was so tight!



Posted: Jun 14, 2004 08:27:09

wow, i feel like im happy i didnt go

it was such a pretty day, i might be going next Saturday, Spain looks interessing!

Posted: Jun 14, 2004 08:53:37   Edited by: Smoke


You really don't want to miss this one. This is the firm that I've always wanted to see since that magnificent performance in 2001. Plus, I haven't seen a Spanish display in 3 years. I've also been looking forward to this since Paul released the new surprising schedule in January.

As for the opening show, like I said before, it was an excellent display and it was very unique since live performances have never been done before in the history of the competition. I was the unlucky one, however. Where I stand, as well as many others, there wasn't much going on. The people at La Ronde benefited the most from this original type of display. I could tell it was good after reading Paul's report.

Another thing is that I'm hoping for the weather to cooperate this Saturday. I'm carefully monitoring the forcast. So far it's just overcast on Saturday with a high of 22 degrees.

Once again, I would like to thank Tom Comet for being part of this forum and for an excellent performance, although I didn't get to see it. I'm sure that this first-time live performance was relevant and suitable for the beginning of the 20th anniversary and I'm positive that the crowd greatly appreciated and enjoyed this unique performance at La Ronde. Tom, like Paul said, I would love to learn more about your work and performances that you do with your team. I think it's wonderful that you performed at the Mondial SAQ 20th anniversary. That's a real honour!

As a final note, I would also like to thank Paul for providing detailed information on the Circus Orange's performances in his report, for those of us who missed out on this event. Although I didn't see it, at least I had the privilege of reading about it. Thanks, Paul.



Posted: Jun 14, 2004 12:32:34

It is great to hear that our live performance in the opening ceremonies display was received so well. Eric and I realized from the start that there would be slow moments in the overall show for all audience members not at La Ronde but felt that it was worth the risk in order to create something new and different. It was the 20th anniversary after all.
It was truly a privilige and an honor to make our Montreal debut at such an event and I would like to wholeheartedly thank Eric Cardinal, Ampleman Pyrotechnics, the entire crew at La Ronde, and the generous Montreal audience for making us feel so welcome. One of my crew members likened it to being invited to the Super Bowl of Fireworks and after our experiences I would say even that is an understatement. We had an amazing time and truly hope it is the beginning of many more shows in Montreal.
Now, back to putting away the mountain of smelly props and gear that flood my Toronto shop and putting After Sun on my sun burned back.

Tom Comet

Posted: Jun 14, 2004 12:48:41


I wish I could've been there to see your performances, but my family didn't want to go to La Ronde. I know I would have enjoyed far more to my expectations. I read Paul's report on your performances and it sounded terrific.

Once again, I would love to hear and learn more about your work and performances. I think you guys did a fabulous job, form what I hear, and all your work and efforts payed off.



Posted: Jun 14, 2004 13:05:34


thanks for posting here. I'm glad you had such a positive experience in Montreal - it was an honour to meet you. I'm sure you'll be coming back to Montreal more often now! It's always exciting to meet people who bring something unique and different to the field of pyrotechnics.

Best regards,


Posted: Jun 14, 2004 13:39:15

It was great to meet you too Paul. Really nice to find a good, healthy pyro community on the web. Almost makes me wish I lived in Montreal. Hum...

Posted: Jun 14, 2004 13:49:30

Well, this is the next best thing. I'm sure we'll build the CFA forum up to the same level once we get going. That's the plan at least and I think we'll do it since we have the passion and enthusiasm to do it.



Posted: Jun 14, 2004 14:30:03

I agree!

We're all big enthusiasts here!


Posted: Jun 16, 2004 12:59:12

Hey fireworks fans!

Thanks for all your comments, I love to have feedback, no matter if it's good or bad. Keep it up!

By the way, the MondialSAQ website put up some really great pictures and an awesome video. The video is especially interresting for those who sadly weren't at LaRonde to enjoy the lower level stuff.
Check them out at http://www.lemondialsaq.com/fr/virtuel/extraits.asp?video=631

Eric Cardinal
Ampleman Pyrotechnics

Posted: Jun 16, 2004 14:35:02


I'm so happy that you posted the link because I was one of the unfortunate victims that didn't get to see, what was really, an excellent display, especially the authentic performances by the Circus Orange.

I greatly appreciate it.

My best regards,


Posted: Jun 29, 2004 10:22:02

I just got around to putting some of our pictures on our site. If anyone is interested they can be found at http://www.circusorange.com/news.html .

Tom Comet

Posted: Jun 29, 2004 13:15:42

Pretty cool pics, Tom!

Very impressive! I look foward to hearing and learning more of your work and performances with the Circus Orange!



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