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Posted: Jul 3, 2004 20:39:24

Hi, this is my first post. I just discovered this place! I didn't even know there was a website specifically for Montreal's fireworks (well, other than the official one), it's great. Just came back from Italy's show which I thought was amazing. The spinning things there... I don't know how they call it but I always think they're little snakes... (can you tell i'm not an expert...). They were unlike what I've seen before. Synchronisation was impressive, especially with the Leaving Port segment (Titanic) with the bell sounds. My favorite moment was The Might of Rome, the music from the Gladiator. The pace keeped increasing and increasing and so were the fireworks. The beginning was well done too, with those bright crossettes (I think they're called that) that filled the sky. And the finale was the most intense one I've seen this year since the beginning. And longest too! And the noisiest! It was perfect. I don't know where you all watch it usually, but I was on Montreal's side, on Notre-Dame street near De Lorimier. The crowd cheered from the moment it began and never stopped cheering.

I'd like to get to know some of the members better. I'll tag along and post on this forum for the rest of the season. I'm looking forward to Spain next Saturday (Caballer) to see how they measure up with Igual. But personally, my rankings up to now would be:

3- Japan
2- Spain - Igual
1- Italy

... totally based on my impressions of course. I am not experienced with viewing fireworks.

How would you rank them right now, with what you've seen so far?

Posted: Jul 3, 2004 21:01:27


I'm glad that you've decided to join this forum. Welcome!

If you read my post in the "IPON Reviews Section", you'll see that I 100% agree with you on the finale and the rest of the display. And yes, you're right, it was intense from the beginning all the way through. I also agree that it was the most intense and longest finale so far this year. Music was great nd was well synchronized with the fireworks, especially in the ending, like you said. I'm also very much looking foward to what Caballer (Spain) has to offer next Saturday!

It's still too early to rank anything just yet, and plus, there's only one award this year, but to say so far, all of them were very nicely done in their own unique perspective, but I would say Italy is right up there, so far.

As for where you watch, I can tell you that I watch in the same place as you do. I watch right on the intersection of De Lorimier and Notre-Dame, by the traffic light. Now we have similar viewing experiences.

It really is a nice viewing area.

I stood by the steel gate on Notre-Dame since 1990 onwards, now I'm at De Lorimier since 2000-2001. Once again, I commend IPON for their spectacular and breathless show! Simply amazing!

Once again, I commend IPON for their spectacular and breathless show! Simply amazing!

Please feel free to post as many times as you like.



Posted: Jul 23, 2004 14:25:56

thank's badnitrus

ditta IPON srl ottaviano(NAPOLI)

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