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Posted: Jul 13, 2004 14:57:36

For immediate release

"Invasion of Colours" by Holland's JNS Pyrotechniek, recipient of a gold Jupiter
in 1995

With two impressive 28-metre towers, the Dutch turn La Ronde into Alphaville, a
futuristic version of Montréal

Montréal, July 13, 2004 -On Wednesday, July 14, at 10 p.m., the master pyrotechn
icians of the Dutch company JNS Pyrotechniek will attempt to win over the hearts
of Montréalers with "'Invasion of the Colours," a dazzling pyromusical epic tha
t will transport spectators to the centre of Alphaville, a futuristic version of
Montréal in a thousand light years. The Dutch team will use two 28-metre towers
to create incredible lighting effects, launch their pyrotechnic pieces vertical
ly, and even more astonishingly, horizontally.

Highlighting this event, and to cheer his country towards the platinum Jupiter,
the Consul-General of the Netherlands in Montréal, Mr. Albert Moses, will make a
speech during the opening ceremony at 9:30 p.m. on the floating stage in La Ron
de's Lac des Dauphins.

To create powerfully themed images and to surprise the audience, JNS Pyrotechniek will use two huge, 28-metre towers with a multitude of lights, strobes and fireworks to give spectators the experience of landing in Alphaville in a space ship and having a series of pyromusical adventures in a festive intergalactic nightlife. During the visit, extraterrestrials invade Alphaville and everyone must battle the enemy.

Co-creators Hein Hofmeester (also company president) and Paul Philipsen will launch thousands of Vulcan and Shogun fireworks to an extensive repertoire of science-fiction movie soundtracks, including Star Wars, E.T., Alien and The Fifth Element, offering spectators wide-reaching, highly original and unique entertainment.

Located in Leeuwarden, in the north of Holland, JNS Pyrotechniek B.V. was founded in 1821 by the Shuurmans family. In addition to their five generations of pyrotechnical expertise, and a manufacturing plant in China, part of the company produces military pyrotechnics for the Dutch air force, navy and army. In two appearances at the Montréal International Fireworks Competition, the company won a silver Jupiter in 1991 and a gold Jupiter in 1995. They have also been winners in several international competitions.

"Le Mondial SAQ" is produced by La Ronde in partnership with the Société des alcools du Québec. For more information, call (514) 397-2000 or visit our Web our Web site at www.lemondialsaq.com.


Anne-Marie Desautels
Division Manager, Public Relations
La Ronde, Member of the Six Flags family

Posted: Jul 13, 2004 15:48:51

look very interessing, i truly hope the weather will cooperate!

Posted: Jul 13, 2004 16:03:18

It really does look interesting and unique, too! Hmm...2 towers. Never been doen before! The title "Invasion of Colours," looks very promissing!

Enkil, I think I'll go....rain or shine!



Posted: Jul 13, 2004 16:27:26

And the music track includes 24 titles! So 24 parts in Paul's report! Good luck, Paul!

Posted: Jul 13, 2004 17:19:39

Sounds like a lot!

Paul, I hope you manage!


Posted: Jul 13, 2004 20:45:31

It sounds very unique. I will not miss this one.
Paul, did you see the display setup yet?

Posted: Jul 14, 2004 03:49:07

I've been too busy this week to go and see the setup unfortunately. However, I will be there this evening whilst it is still light so I will be able to see what the setup looks like. As for the 24 tracks used, yes, that is certainly going to be a challenge for me in writing the report. We'll have to see how they group the tracks together.

One year there was a display with 49 tracks ... luckily it was the closing show so I didn't have to write a report


Posted: Jul 14, 2004 12:30:05   Edited by: Smoke

This show kinda looks complex!

Especially with those two towers! I wonder if it's going to be big. They did win the gold Jupiter in 1995. i remeber them well. They had one heck of a finale!

It was alos a great show, throughout.



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