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Posted: Jul 17, 2004 15:37:59

Post your reviews here after the show!

I'll post mine as soon as I get back.



Posted: Jul 17, 2004 21:05:52   Edited by: Smoke

Well, just got back from an amazing and interesting display. I must say, it was very well done. It truly showed and represented Chinese culture.

I'll try to make this short because I'm really exhausted! I'll have more tomorrow.

To start off, the weather. It cooperated, as I thought. We had a perfect summer evening with heavy humidity, which could be responsible for the smoke build up. I did notice that at one time the smoke kind of obscured some of the lower shells at one time and plus, there was a little lack of wind to blow it away quickly.

Synchronization was absolutely flawless. I observed the soundtrack and it pretty much matched the pace of the fireworks in each segment extremely well. I liked the soundtrack due to the fact that most of it was fast paced, most of the time. I could tell from the title, "Butterflies and Dragons," that you could notice when the butterfly theme was present, and then the intensity of the dragons. Typical in a Chinese display. A lot of variations of rhythm and pace to represent those particular effects.

About the new shells and colours used, I could definitely tell when they were present during the show. They were very nicely integrated to the display. I had fun guessing where they were going to show up! Also, the new colours were very impressive and some of those shells were massive and really REALLY chest thumping!

There was also something else that I've noticed. For those of us on De Lorimier and Notre-Dame, you could see that some of the fireworks were really close to the people on the bridge. It looked so close that the people could literally see or even touch the sparkles trailing towards them. Well, all I'm saying is that some of them were a little too close to the bridge, I think. Not a major criticism, though. Just a concern for people on the bridge.

Aside from that, a lot of the fireworks, especially the wheeping willows, were trailing to the St-Lawrence River. That was nice and so dramatic, too! I also loved that rain like noise after effects in the first half of the show. Truly stunning.

The display itself was very enjoyable. A lot of intensity and quite a bit of massive shells and great effects, like the multiple rings, butterflies and spheres. A lot of variety and colour and plus, they were also very noisy and loud! The show itself was a traditional type display, but was somewhat original, in its own unique perspective. It was a different approach to the other firms and plus, they were very creative. Although, I think Holland is still the most authentic. They were the ones with the most originality, especially the the use and integration of the 2 towers.

As for the finale, I was kind of disappointed with it. Don't get me wrong, it was actually pretty good in intensity, but just not long enough. This is probably the finale that started off with the fastest intensity, but if they kept going on like that for a little while more, it would've been perfect. They had a lot of salutes and colour, but it's the longevity that was missing. It just wasn't enough to leave me breathless. This is my only criticism, though. I guess after seing an ending like Caballer and IPON, you would expect more. I know a lot of people around me were expecting additional length and more build up. It really did fill the sky in colour and brightness, but not lasting. However, still, not a bad finale, none the less.

Otherwise, a great show, and it looks like it could be up there for Platinum Jupiter standings, struggling with some others, of course. Very tough for the judges, indeed! Bound to be disappointment!

What a year!



Posted: Jul 18, 2004 07:34:16

Good morning Smoke!

i agree with most of what u said

there isnt any major criticism to note, expect the ending

China has always been good to these type of displays, getting in details and everything

there was alot of originality and creativity, alot

i notice some of the surprises, i did see the 3 dem. cube, but i was disappointment becuz they just shoot like 2 or 3
i was interested seeing more of that

now the final, it was very colorfull and i loved that, not lasting enough

i still believe Spain was the best and the most intense

3 of these coutries r going strong (without Spain): Italy, Holland, China

u cant really choose who should win cuz they r all good

gtg now, ill add more later

Posted: Jul 18, 2004 10:07:40   Edited by: Smoke

Hello Enkil,

A very nice display, indeed. I was very pleased to see the new colours used, as well as some of the other shells. It was really good.

I just read Paul's report and I have to agree with him. Like I said before, great soundtrack because of rhythm and pace. It really worked out well with the entire show, although like Paul and most of us, we weren't familiar with the songs, but that's good, to have something new. A lot of creativity that I observed throughout. I could really tell that the show was truly representing Chinese culture. So, it was a traditional display.

The finale was turning out to be amazing, but just too short. This is just a minor criticism, though. Otherwise, a great effort for the Chinese team! Once again, spared from the rain, despite the late afternoon thunderstorm. Despite the finale, not much criticism to make about this display! I was well done! I know a finale is not a major point in the evaluation criteria, but it's a very important part to give an overall impression to the public. Basically, to give something to remember, like to get you in that mood.

Also, did you notice the smoke and some fireworks to the far left were very close to the bridge?

Enkil, I ended up watching on Notre-Dame, last night, for old times sake! My aunt and uncle ended up coming, so they wanted to go on our old spot. I liked it! It felt like the good old days. Plus, when you're there, it feels like some of the higher level fireworks are right over your head! The only problem, it was a long walk back to the parking lot, but it was worth it!



Posted: Jul 22, 2004 00:46:50


Your description of Sunny International show is so vivid that I seemed to watch it with my own eyes. The show represented the Chinese culture. I am so glad you like it!

The finale is not long enough to impress the audience, it is a great pity! I wish Sunny International could do better next time!


Posted: Jul 25, 2004 16:59:17

Greetings Paul!

Thank you for your service to all of the "I wish I was front and center, lake-side at La Ronde last night" group from around the world. What a season!

Questions: What can you tell us about the cube shells that Sunny used? Did each of the (6?) shells have one gun each? What size guns were used? And any other information that you can pass along would be greatly appreciated.

I'll bet we've played the Sunny cube clip fifty times already.

Thanks for everthing

Iowa Mom and Iowa Tom

Posted: Jul 26, 2004 08:10:12

Iowa Tom and Iowa Mum,

it was a pleasure to have you in Montreal again - I'm happy you got to see two excellent displays.

For the Chinese cube shells (and all shells in the competition) - each shell always has its own launch tube. I would guess they were 6" shells. I don't think they were launched as part of a multi-break shell. Apparently someone made cube-pattern shells at a PGI convention several years ago. Very impressive weren't they?!



Posted: Jul 26, 2004 17:37:25

I come from China and so glad to know so many people respect Chinese culture and fireworks. In fact ,fireworks are so nice that i like it even when i was a child. As i now work in them, i konw them all the more, i sincerely hope you will like Chinese fireworks in the future, for there are more beautiful and excellent here.

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