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Posted: Jul 21, 2004 16:03:10   Edited by: Smoke

As always, post your reviews here, after the show!



Posted: Jul 21, 2004 21:22:09   Edited by: Smoke


Just got back from an, what I call, ok display.

To start off, the weather. It was probably the warmest night, so far! I mean it was practically perfect and July-like! Very nice for my birthday. Absolutely beautiful. I really couldn't ask for more! The temperature stayed well above 27 to 29 degrees!

Anyways, I'll try to be short. The display was not bad, except the late start, because of, I believe, the narration prior to the beginning. It's a little tedious and disappointing when it doesn't start at 10:00 P.M! Anyways, I liked the use of the towers. Very well integrated in the segments, where they were used. I would say that it was similar to Holland's show, but not as creative, besides the towers, of course. I was a little disappointed because I felt that they could've used it a little more in the display, especially in the end. All in all, though, it was very well used during those segments.

Synchronization was excellent, but I think that some parts were a little lacking, I think. For what it's worth, it was pretty good, especially when the towers were used.

The display, in general, was mediocre. I say this because, at times, I found that there wasn't enough intensity. I can tell you guys, from where I stand, the audience was sometimes very quiet. Despite this, however, there were some nice special effects. Particularly the colour transitions in the bottom and those dramatic flashing flares. Were very nicely integrated to the display. What I really liked about this display, was the great use of vast quantity of the salutes! That made it intense, when used. A lot of colour and great effects to go along to it, as well.

As for the finale, once again, not a very lasting finale. However, it did fill the sky with a lot of brightness and colour and plenty of noise, but just not enough duration and longevity. To tell you the truth, their finale was equivalent to one of Spain's segments! Lots of intensity, none the less!

In all, I suspect that this display probably wouldn't be up there, in my opinion, however those towers may give them the upper hand! Not a bad choice of music, though.



Posted: Jul 22, 2004 08:55:09   Edited by: Enkil

Smoke, u r right, it was definity an ok show

at the end everyone next to me said they didnt like it, it just wasnt higher than other displays

and i was pretty much fooled to think that those 12 m high towers would represent the Eiffel tower
they mentioned this in their press rls, and i went to tell my family, and they were all waiting to see it lol
but it was kinda similar to Holland lol

speaking of Holland, in one segment the exact exposives was used, remember those famous brown exposives that Holland used so much, well France used the exact ones lol, kinda makes me think if they cooperated togother, and i can say the display looked a bit similar to Holland but not good enough

there were some intensive moments, and emotional moments, it was just ok

the final, again like Smoke said, didnt last alot

i know thati said this before, but i havent seen one display that was intense enough as Spain, Spain had the most complicated and genius display, when i first saw Spain's display, i said to myself that there would prolly be others that will be better, but i was wrong, none (in my opinion) r as good as Spain

just think about it, think how powerfull Spain's display was, yes there were a few problems, but no one was able to beat them so far (again in my opinion), Spain should win this, they won the most jupiters and i know that Smoke knows what im talking about

Smoke, we went early (after i caused a chaos in the house) it was surprising to see them go so early lol
i was right next to the gate and u were right i was able to see everything

one more question, do u think that if i arrive there at, say 9:10, can i just go there, normaly i would go next to ppl that r sittin on a chair, so i can have a better view

also, i wont attend Germanys display, cuz i wont be here the weekend, i heard that Germany will have musicians on stage, althro ill be back for Wednesday La Ronde fireworks, i particularly like the intensive ending in La Ronde's displays

Posted: Jul 22, 2004 10:24:33


I know exactly what you're talking about. Spain, Pirotechnia Caballer, was by far, in my opinion also, the BEST and most intense show this season. This was also one of the shows where I heard the crowd screaming throughout almost the entire display! Of course, in terms of excitement, complexity and intensity!

Ever since then or IPON's display, every following display hadn't had a very lasting finale, to leave me and a lot of people breathless. However, it's inevitable that the displays are judged on more than just finales!

It's a total shame that those problems had to have happened to them, especially after putting together one of the most massive setups! That was a show that many people would faint on! I mean the whole show was like a series of mini finales! And after thinking that they ran out, they just kept on coming with more! I'm not even sure if the Panzera finale will be as intense as that, although they are usually intense.

Like I said before, this is in terms of excitement! No display, so far, could come close to that! However, I believe that other firms may hold great advantages. If it hadn't been for those technical problems, they really probably would've been #1.

France, last night, didn't seem intense enough, plus the display took a while to get started. Also, I found that too many pauses were present. However, there were some intense moments. And the finale definitely could've been much better, not to say that it started off really good. The finales for the past three displays were good, but they were all lacking the duration effect. However, the overall contenet was excellent, especially Holland.

Just remember this is only a review in terms of finales, not in terms of concept or creativity.

As for where you viewed last night, well I'm happy that you saw everything! It really was nice to hear that you liked it. I was around there up front, too, because of my birthday and for old times.

And for getting there at 9:10, I think it would be difficult to get to the steel gate by then, as it usually starts by almost 1/2 hour before that. I guess you saw how fast it gets packed! Well, as long you enjoyed it. The only problem is the wait! Believe me, I know!



Posted: Jul 22, 2004 12:53:31

I thought it was a good display that was spoiled by a few small mistakes. Attention to detail is a pre-requisite to win this year so I'm afraid this display, as with Caballer, is probably excluded from the running because of this. I also found the two towers were less effective than they might have been, but this could have been caused by the fire on the right hand side of tower two. As much as some people thought the finale was short, it was very intense and there had been a couple of faux-finales during the display.

Some very nice colours too, and I loved the gold glittering girandolas (though some didn't make it off the ground) and the cones of rockets were very beautiful.

Lacroix has had some bad luck in the past and it is interesting that when they last won gold, their display was technically perfect.


Posted: Jul 22, 2004 13:19:29

so this leaves us with

Spain (Pirotécnia Igual)

i think Italy, Holland, China r going very strong (without Germany), its very hard to say how should win
i think Spain deserves it, but if i had to choose from these countries, i can really not say who , they were all good, in their way!

Posted: Jul 23, 2004 11:05:25

I forgot to put it my review above, but I also loved those gold glittering girandolas! Very astonishing! However, I had no clue that tower 2 had a fire! The only thing that the show was missing was a lack of intensity and a stronger finale.

Anyways, although we still have to see Germany, I have a strong feeling between Holland and Italy, maybe China, as well. I'm hoping for Italy to win, but I still can't get over what happened to Spain! That was still my favourite one!

Well, Germany is looking good!



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