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L'International des Feux Loto-Québec 2005
Montréal International Fireworks Competition Report

Sweden An evening in Gothenburg Saturday July 9th, 2005

Göteborgs Fyrverkeri Fabrik Designed by Martin Hildeberg; Pyrodigital firing, Show Director choreography, 110 FM modules, 1660 cues

"Created in 1995, GÖTEBORGS FYRVERKERIFABRIK is a regular contender in all major events in its native Scandinavia, where it is the leading pyrotechnical firm. It has also had an active international career, picking up a dozen distinctions in renowned fireworks competitions. For its inaugural Montréal show, the artisans of GÖTEBORGS FYRVERKERIFABRIK have planned a stunning evening's entertainment in the heart of their hometown. This nighttime pyromusical extravaganza will plunge spectators into the typically Swedish atmosphere that reigns in Göteborg, with musical accompaniment from Swedish pop legends like ABBA and Roxette. The show also features classical masters Khachaturian and Ponchielli and the film scores of Hans Zimmer."

The remnants of hurricane Cindy threatened to dampen enthusiasm for this fourth competitor, but the rains stopped in the early evening. The small but vocal audience was treated to a strongly themed display representing an evening in Gothenburg. Using narrative episodes effectively, the display started with a taxi ride to a classical concert, then a visit to Liseberg Amusement park. After that, a visit to a movie theatre, then a pub where rock music was being played and finally ending the journey in a nightclub. Using high quality Spanish, Italian and Chinese product, the Swedes had also added three 12 metre high towers on ramp 3 as well as an extra seven floating platforms forming ramp 5.

Part 1 to the music Thank you for the Music by ABBA. Blue flares lit up on ramps 3 and 5 as a backdrop to the opening narration. These were followed by red nautical flares which transformed into white strobes. Already burning fountains flew into the air and then landed in the lake where they continued to burn. As the music began, synchronized kamuro mines fired and were followed by gold spider shells with star tips. These were followed by bombettes of blue stars and bees in fans. Next, sequences of gold glitter comets and the same in mines followed by shells of gold glitter comets above as well as fans of the same on ramp 5. The intensity increased as a large studata of gold glitter comets filled the sky. Then a calmer sequence as gold charcoal Niagara Falls shells trailed to the lake. These were followed by shells of gold charcoal comet rings with pastel strobing pistils. Below these, crossed comets of pale charcoal as more of the charcoal comet and strobing pistil shells burst above. The segment came to a close as a large kamuro filled the sky and trailed to the lake.

Part 2 to the music Danse Napolitaine by Tchaikovsky. A line of fountains in V formations lit up on ramp 3. As the music started, silver gerbs fired left and right and from positions on the sides of the three towers in perfect synchronization to the music. Indeed, the gerbs appeared to dance with the music. Different angles and shapes of gerb hits were fired from the towers - sometimes in pairs, sometimes forming crosses - as well as left and right directions on ramp 5. The sequences were fast and followed the music exactly. Then there were blue mine hits as part of the sequencing followed by gold glitter mines and then a return to the gerbs followed by sequences of firefly gold comets, bringing the segment to a close to loud cheers from the audience.

Part 3 to the music Adagio from Spartacus by Khachaturian. Pairs of nautical fountains sat on the water and spun around as other nautical flares lit up on the lake. Then fans of pastel coloured star candles. These were followed by brighter fans of orange stars and then candles or cakes of tourbillons. Next, fans of the pale gold comets with fireflies in them followed by fans of serpents and a return to the fans of pale gold firefly comets. These were augmented by shells of the same above and then fast sequences of mines and comets below. Next, shells of charcoal comets turning to fireflies as a line of gerbs lit up on ramp 5 and the music moved seamlessly to

Part 4 to the music Danza delle ore by Ponchielli. This began with very well synchronized shots of stars on ramp 3 and gerb hits from the towers. This sequence continued and was followed by fast sequences of pastel-headed meteor comets crossing on ramp 3. A return to the pale gold firefly comets and then more sequenced gerb hits on ramp 5. These were followed by sequences of mines in gold glitter and then large fans of stars. The segment came to a close with a barrage of shells.

Part 5 to the music Macho Polska by Benny Andersson & Orsa Spelmän. Shells of go-getters fired above with the same in candles below. Then a repeating sequence of shells with crazy comets, shells of go-getters and the same in mines. Next, tourbillon shells and shells of serpents and go-getters. This theme continued, then sequential multi-break shells of comets and the segment (representing the visit to the concert) came to a close with huge shells of rings of comets with dense star pistils.

Part 6 to the music Mutiny & Roll Tide by Hans Zimmer. The lake lit up with nautical flares as fountains fired on ramps 3 and 5 as the narration told of the visit to the Liseberg Amusement park. Then fans of pastel stars in blues and greens followed by the same in shells above. These were followed by brighter coloured star candle fans and the same in shells. Next, huge shells of orange and violet stars and shells of violet-headed comets, filling the sky. A calmer moment as flights of girandolas rose into the air and burst into stars. Then shells with strobing pistils followed by shells of star crossettes. Large fans of comets fired from the centre of ramp 3 and then big shells of crackling electric comet crossettes. These increased in intensity and number, filling the sky to great effect and were augmented by the same in mines and candles below, bringing the segment to a close to cheers from the audience and a wow in my notes.

Part 7 to the music Honor Him & Now we are free by Hans Zimmer. A flight of double ascension silver girandolas rose, fell, and rose back up into the air. Then another flight of the same. Fans of candles of silver "accelerating" comets fired as shells of silver Niagara Falls trailed in the sky above. These theme continued and was followed by three six-pointed stars made of gerbs on the top of the three towers. A line of triple-driver glittering wheels started to turn on ramp 5 as the music moved to Now we are free. Strobes lit up on ramp 3 as fans of crossed pale gold firefly comet candles fired. Then kamuro shells, but with the firefly comets, filling the sky to a very nice effect. Beneath these, more fans of the same comets as the shells continued above. Next, a return to the "accelerating" silver comet candles followed by shells of silver comets with pastel strobing pistils. The intensity of these increased, then a return to serenity with shells of twinkling silver falling leaves. The falling leaves shells continued, bringing the segment to a very serene and pretty close.

Part 8 to the music Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet. A short narration introducing the next part of the journed - into the pub. Mines of screaming tourbillons in Vs and comet sequences raised the tempo as multi-breaking shells fired above. Then fast mine sequences and more screaming tourbillons as huge Saturn shells fired above with comet fans below. Note-synchronized mines fired rapidly with large shells of above and more screaming tourbillons. Then more multi-breaking shells and fast sequences below, the segment coming to a close with gerb hits as the music moved to

Part 9 to the music Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis. Fast sequences of glitter comets and star mines were followed by shells of triple rings above. Below these, cakes of orange stars and the same in shells with orange fireballs on ramp 5. This theme continued with a move to yellow and then a change to blue, the segment coming to a breathless close with studatas.

Part 10 to the music Listen to your heart by Roxette. A line of flares lit up on ramp 3 and gerbs on ramp 5. Then hits of serpents on ramp 3 as bombette candles burst to crazy comets. A theme of shells of falling pink strobes fitted in well with the music. These continued and then changed to brighter white strobes with candles of firefly comets below and then were augmented by mines of strobes. The air became filled with strobes and even more so with studatas of white strobes. Then some very nice rockets rose into the air and burst into deep red slow falling twinkling stars. These were followed by barrages of large kamuros with fans of firefly comets below. The sky was filled with kamuros which trailed to the lake bringing the segment to a close to loud cheers from the audience.

Part 11 to the music Gimme Gimme Gimme by ABBA. The narration introduced the final part of the journey, to a nightclub. Gold glitter girandolas rose into the air and were then followed by mines of comets and stars. Orange fireballs erupted on ramp 5 as spider shells burst above and mines of very deep blue stars fired below. The spider shells continued as blue bombettes fired below and then a sequence of very thick crossed comets. Next, farfalled shells with tourbillon candles. The farfalle shells continued and moved to gorgeous double farfalles with fans of comets below as the music moved to

Part 12 to the music It's Raining Men by Weather Girls. Meteor comet candles fired as large shells of blue turning to strobes fired above. Then multi-break shells with candles of comets and bombettes below. This theme continued and then barrages of huge crackling shells with crackling pistils. The intensity continued to increase with more and more crackling shells and then huge shells of comets with gerb hits on the ramps below as the music moved to

Part 13 to the music I'm so Excited by Pointer Sisters. Fast star fans from Z cakes on ramp 3 and hits of gerbs were augmented with barrages of large shells. The Z cakes continued with barrage after barrage of large shells above with huge salute volleys. My notes start to become unclear but I can remember the large barrages of shells with volleys of thunderous salutes, fast Z cakes and shells of silver comets. The display came to a close with the sky filled, a thunderous volley of salutes and a front of strobe mines and a well deserved WOW in my notes. By now the audience was enveloped in smoke but gave the Swedes a loud and enthusiastic standing ovation.

This was an excellent debut display from the Swedish team. For once, the narrative interludes added to, rather than detracted from, the display and created an engaging and interesting theme. The synchronization and choregraphy was superb, especially the amazing sequence of gerbs on the towers and ramps 3 and 5. The range of products used was excellent and the colours chosen worked extremely well, as did the range of intensity from quiet moments to sky-filling bombardments. There were a couple of places where it looked like something had been fired at the wrong moment and some of the cakes kept firing a bit longer than they should but this was probably due to the heavy rain during the day of the display. These are but minor criticisms though as this was a very complex and well choregraphed display. The Swedish team received a well deserved standing ovation from the small but vocal audience and are certainly in the awards at this point in time. It's very close at the top with Sweden and Argentina battling it out for the number one spot at the moment. The competition is certainly fierce this year and we're not even half way through yet.


Thanks to the public relations people of La Ronde for the official press release material, shown in white.