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How it's done
For detailed background information on the competition, including behind-the-scenes photographs of the setup of the firing ramps and lots of technical information, click the How it's done button
Photo Tips
Learn how the professionals take stunning fireworks photos. Renowned photographer Robert Burch shares his tips and tricks. Click on the Photo Tips button
All the winners since 1985
For a list of all the winners since the competition's inception, click the Winners list button
Places to view the fireworks
For information on how to get to La Ronde and other good places to view the fireworks, click the Where to view button
Glossary of terms
For a glossary of terms used in the reports, click the Glossary button
Pyrotechnic projects
For information on some simple pyrotechnic and rocketry projects, click the Projects button
For the presentation I made at the 7th International Symposium on Fireworks, click the Symposium button
Montréal Competition Schedule
For the latest Montréal schedule or the most recent report, click the Schedule button

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