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Posted: Jan 9, 2011 16:52:44

Anyone see the final show in the series yesterday?


Posted: Jan 9, 2011 20:09:47   Edited by: STL

Anyone see the final show in the series yesterday?

I did !

The show was generally good, but the finale was way too weak. A lot of people were anticipating that the "real" finale would follow, but alas it never did...

For once, the note-synchronization was mostly done with mines instead of comets, so it gave a slightly different feeling to this display with regards to the other Fires on Ice.

I don't know who designed this display, as I didn't schedule an interview with Fiatlux-Ampleman for personal reasons related to the Celine Dion tribute reviews. I would suppose Eric Cardinal did it, though, as I didn't feel the display was "artistic" in nature like the other designers of this company appear to do.

This was a good effort from the designer's part if the finale is not taken in the equation, as closing the event with a segment that left the audience puzzled is not a good thing. Cakes of comets erupted from the frontal positions after a barrage of silver dahlias and "palm-core" peonies, then it was over. The ("polite"-level) applause started ten seconds or so after the sky was empty; I think this illustrates how the audience was waiting for a proper ending and never got it.

Therefore, my personal rankings for the 2010 Fire on Ice are :

1) Apogée - Émotions fluviales, for the superlative colors, the rare effects and the general feeling (the Christmas mood may have helped, I admit)
2) Orion - Tempête, for having used better in my opinion the same products brought the following week by their own supplier :
3) Royal Pyrotechnie - Lumière polaire, as I think Yanick Roy diverged too much from his usual style; bring back Voilà's style or else (Nah, kidding, I'd rather like to see another show from him to see how he's evolving from this very display)
4) Ampleman-Fiatlux - L'hiver en mer, as the first 15 minutes (out of 16) were good, but the weak finale didn't fare well with me and the audience in general
5) B.E.M. - Voyage féérique, as I think Ampleman-Fiatlux display was slightly better

I won't rank FAE, as the smoke prevented me from seeing enough to make an educated opinion (and some people might call me partial should I dare say their show was good for this very reason, as no one really saw the show in its entirety).

You can consult my last review right here, in plain-ol' French.

You can also check the (not properly focussed) video :

First part
Second part

Thanks to some random lady, the image jumps numerous times, as she was bumping into my tripod at regular intervals. With two tripods and two SLRs, I'm starting to think I'm not yet visible enough not to be bumped into...

That's all, folks !

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