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L'International des Feux Loto-Québec 2011

Montréal International Fireworks Competition Report

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Panda Fireworks China China Saturday 25th June Theme: Kung Fu Interview Report
Flash Barrandov SFX Czech Republic Czech Republic Saturday 2nd July Theme: The Flower Duet Interview Report
Pyro 2000 Ltd England England Saturday 9th July Theme: Stars of the World Interview Report
Pirotecnia Morsani SRL Italy Italy Wednesday 13th July Theme: Angels and Demons Interview Report
Howard and Sons Australia Australia Saturday 16th July Theme: Colours of Kakadu Interview Report
Zambelli Fireworks USA USA Wednesday 20th July Theme: Wizard of Oz Interview Report
BEM Feux D'artifice Canada Canada Saturday 23th July Theme: Éros & Psyché Interview Report
Lacroix Ruggieri France France Wednesday 27th July Theme: Maudits Français Interview Report
Panzera SAS & La Ronde La Ronde La Ronde Saturday 30th July Theme: Beatles Tribute Interview Results

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